Slide Away / Slide Home

I sang a note, sliding up into it.  I gestured to everyone to join me and I did it again, and everyone slid up to the note with me.  Then we did it again, my hand went with the sound.  I asked, “who wants to slide to their own note?” No one wanted to volunteer, but one brave soul said he would.  He slid up to his own note, everyone joining in with him.  He smiled a happy grin.

Begin by everyone singing the same note and sustaining it.

Then, for example, if there were three players:

Player 1 ‘slides’ away to a new note

The other players slide to join player 1 on this new note.

Then player 2 slides away and then players 1 and 3 slide to join player 2.

Then player 3 slides away, and players 1 and 2 slide to player 3.

Keep taking turns.  One player slides away and the other players slide to join them.

Play “Slide Away/Slide Home” until you are sliding fluently through melodies and harmonies.

Also. Try allowing anyone to “steal” the slide to the next note, rather than going in a fixed order.

Also. Another way to play this is to transition into this game from playing Floor Head Hum. You can let everyone slide up or down with their note at any time while they are humming. At first it is chaos, but then it settles in and sounds incredible.

We took turns, everyone had their own chance to slide to a note with everyone sliding right along with them.  As we went around the circle, people got more and more creative.  They would slide everyone up with their hands and then everyone down.  They would slide people side to side.  Round and round.  Flutter their fingers – little fluttering wobbly slides.  They would hold their arms out like the wings of an airplane, and then tilt to one side and then another – everyone knew just what to do.  On and on it went, everyone conducting their own chorus.

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