One or more player establishes a cyclic sound pattern, a rhythm, perhaps by playing Hey.

A new player then joins by carefully choosing a moment in the cycle that they feel would benefit from emphasis.  Each time the cycle comes around to that point, add a very short ornament – respectfully increase the energy in that moment by elaborating the microscopic structure of that moment.  Call the moment where you placed this emphasis in the cycle, your “moment.”

Then start building on your moment by adding a short rhythmic gesture after the moment that is the same each time the moment comes around.

Then respectfully start to make your gesture longer, bigger and more intense until, from growing in the fertile soil of the other player’s cycle, it replaces the old cycle as the foundation of the game.

Now you must maintain the cycle while another player adds a moment.

Also. There’s another way to play this game. When you find the right moment in the middle of a Hey, apply just barely apply enough pressure to appear above the other sounds.  It’s like momentarily dangling a string toward a cat to catch its attention and then returning to being perfectly still. Instead of holding the moment. Use a moment to “dangle for the cat.” And then return to the group Heyimmediately drop gently back in to blend in with everyone.

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