Radio / Radio

Half of the players, play Hey.

Once this music is established, this first group stops playing but remembers where they left off.  You can jot some notes or keep playing very quietly if your memory needs help.

Now the second group of the players starts to play its own music.  The second group’s music can be very distinct from the first; a different speed, a different key, a different sense of timing or space.

Once this second music is well established, the first group can begin playing their music again. They can fade up gradually, while the other group fades down a little.

The two groups can try playing simultaneously as if two radios are on in the house, each on a different station, each in a different room. Maintain the distinct personality of each music.   Give and take is very important, as the audience cannot truly hear both musics at the same time.

Now for the interesting part:  One player is chosen to be a main character who moves between the two groups.  While this player is in one of the groups “Making It” and interacting with that group, the other group is just “Letting It.”  The main character can switch groups as they like. 

Take turns being the main character.

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