Sonata Thieves

Player one begins playing discrete disconnected events, little rhythmic motifs, short melodies, etc.  They begin to have a few different kinds of things that they play.

Player two must try to “connect the dots” filling in music that helps the first player’s sounds “make sense.”

Player two periodically stops or pauses for a few moments.  They leave a pretty long pause in the sound.  And when they start again, they are connecting the first player’s dots in a different way.  They have two ways to connect the dots, and everytime they stop, they toggle between these two ways.

Player three enters.  They connect the dots that player two is creating.  They discover a way to play through it all and have it all make sense.

Now player four enters.  Player four becomes the new player one.  Player one becomes player two.  Player two becomes player three.  Player three becomes the audience and they listen.

And on it goes.

Also. Try Sonata Thieves. This is where any player can try to take the role of any other player. When the player notices their role is being stolen, they must accept the role of the thief. This creates a kind of New Orleans Jazz feeling of trades.

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