Raja Naja Jaja

Stand in a circle and stretch your arms up toward the sky.

Then fall over at the waist, dangling your arms and head.

Say “Ra” and push down with your arms and hands (as if you are hitting a volleyball coming from the floor).  Then when you say, “Ja.” Push forward again. Ra Ja.

Now standing straight up and hold your arms out in front of you, slightly bent and say, “na” and  “ja,” again pushing with your arms and hands on each syllable, as if you are pushing away a wall.

With your hands raised above your head, say “ja ja.” Again pushing up with your hands and arms on each syllable.

Repeat all three “raja, naja, jaja,” a little louder each time. A little bigger each time. Louder and louder! Bigger and bigger!!

Play raja, naja, jaja until everyone is shouting jaja to the sky as loudly as they possibly can. Shake it all out.  This is a good ending game.

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