Belly Laughs

It’s good to laugh. For sure it is music. And it’s therapy. It’s so good for you!

Lie on the floor in a circle so that each person’s head is on the next person’s belly.

One person says, “ha”. The next person says, “ha ha”. The third person, “ha ha ha”.

Try not to actually laugh though.

You can do some “laughter trombone” too if you want.

Hold your hand in front of your mouth and giggle a little.

Hold your arm all the way out straight, your hand holding the end of a trombone. Hah Hnah Haaah!!!

In, to hold it in. Out, to let it out.

Now quick, hold your hand close again! hu hu hu hu huh huh huh hu hu hu

And out again! WAAAH. HAAAH HA!!!!!!!

Everyone owns a laugh trombone. Take them out and play them together.

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