Listen / Play

Listen / Play is about magically knowing when to take your turn. It is about listening, always, and only playing when truly moved to do so.

Sit silently together for 20-30 minutes.

Sit in a circle.

When you feel moved to play and it is silent in the room, do so.  Everyone listens silently and non-judgmentally. When you are absolutely sure that it is your turn, play.

Much of the time is occupied by silence and a listening state. Never play at the same time that someone else wants to play.  Only play if everyone else wants you to play.

When you play, you must mean every single note that you play.  Play honestly.  Carefully sing each note to yourself a moment before you play it, just to make sure it’s the one you want.  Sing / Touch can help with this.

Support and listen to each player. Absorb what they have to say. Let it sink in. They are a member of your sound community.

Play Listen / Play until everyone has had a chance to play who feels moved to play.

Also. Another variation is for each player, when they are just listening, to maintain their own perfectly unvarying cyclic rhythm pattern, rather than listening silently.  For example, they could be playing Over And Over together instead of silence.

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