Wormholes is a game to allow drastic change by group consensus.

Establish a jam, perhaps by playing “Hey.”

When cued by someone’s secret language or just by one player encountering a wormhole, enter the wormhole.

There are different kinds of wormholes one can enter and from which one can emerge in a new place:

“Space”: broaden the sound spectrum to white noise or general chaos and then settle out to a new game of ‘Hey” in a new key.

Diminished: There are 4 notes in a diminished scale.  For example in the C diminished scale, there are the notes C, Eflat, Gflat, A.  Each of these 4 notes can be interpreted as the root of a VII7 chord, C7 Eflat7 , G7, or A7. Playing a whole bunch of these chords confuses the key and makes for a pretty good wormhole. 

Can you think of any other good wormholes?

Play wormholes to get from one key or jam to another.

Also.  Try entering and exiting a wormhole gradually.

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