Metronome Ping-Pong

Begin with a “Rhythmic Sigh.” 

Repeat a “Rhythmic Sigh” whenever you get frustrated or tired with “Metronome Ping-Pong.”  It will cleanse your system.

Set metronome to, perhaps 116 beats per minute.  (If this is too fast, then start slower.)

Listen to the ticking of the metronome.

Imagine someone hitting a ping-pong ball at you when the metronome clicks.  You must return these balls by clapping opposite the metronome.

Try to clap exactly at the moment in between the metronome ticks.

At first, it will probably sound as if you are returning the metronome’s serve – the metronome clicks and you reply.

Now try to subtly shift the game so that you are serving to the metronome and it returns – You clap and the metronome replies.  Try to maintain this state.  

Alternate between the two states. Be the winner, the server. Then switch to being the player running to catch up and return the ball.

Also.  When 116 becomes easy up the speed by one or two notches.  If you do this every day for 15 minutes, after 3 months you should be able to do this at 144 or 152 and your time will become perfect.  Try bringing the metronome and headphones with you for your daily walk or ride.

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